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  • RyderRacks are hand-built, 100% USA-made anodized aluminum truck racks built to fit any pickup
  • Every RyderRack is built to buyers’ specifications and dimensions
  • RyderRacks are built with anodized aluminum for a protective shine
  • RyderRacks feature fully welded hand-crafted joints to maximize strength and appearance
  • All RyderRacks come standard with 3 cross members with a four foot overhang
  • 45 minute installation and easily removable
  • Average weight of a RyderRack is 70-80 pounds
  • Wind deflector comes installed
  • Will not rust, chip, or corrode
  • Estimated for up to 2,250 pounds depending on your vehicle model and RyderRack configuration
  • Freight Available


  • RyderRacks can be purchased with a major credit card, check or cash.
  • 50% minimum deposit required.
  • If  not paying in full with a credit card, the balance will be charged the day the rack ships out.
  • All MaxEquity members will receive a 10% discount on the price of their RyderRacks!

RyderRack Pricing

Pickup Trucks – Short Box (Less than 8′)

  • Regular Cab $1,395
  • Ext. / Crew Cab $1,450

Pickup Trucks – Long Box (Greater and or equal to 8′)

  • Regular Cab $1,450
  • Ext. / Crew Cab $1,495

Custom Options and Accessories

  • Tie Down Cleats
    • Bottom of Legs (Inside) $35
    • Bottom of Legs (Outside) $35
    • Top of Legs (Inside) $35
    • Top of Legs (Outside) $35
    • All Four Legs $115
  • Cord Hangers
    • Front Left Leg $35
    • Front Right Leg $35
    • Back Left Leg $35
    • Back Right Leg $35
    • Other Areas $35
  • Ratchet Straps
    • Front Left Leg $100
    • Front Right Leg $100
    • Back Left Leg $100
    • Back Right Leg $100
  • Additional Crossmember
    • Center of Bed $95
    • Center of Cab $95
  • Cooler Holder $85
  • Camper Shell Pads $100
  • Step Ladder Holder $120
  • Full Length Bedrails 6′ Beds $150
  • Full Length Bedrails 8′ Beds $175
  • Side Sign 6′ Beds $175
  • Side Sign 8′ Beds $200
  • Removable Back Bar $200
  • Removable Middle Bar $200
  • Window Guard $200
  • Vertical Studs $20
  • Rear Leg Angle Preference 15° 7° 0°
  • Other Custom Mods $80 /hour


  • RyderRacks are shipped fully assembled
  • Will ship anywhere freight is available
  • Buyers zip code will be needed to give an accurate price
  • Freight prices include shipping
  • Wrapped in static-cling plastic and cardboard to eliminate scratches
Custom Truck Ladder Rack Freight

* All prices are estimates for commercial addresses.

$100 residential delivery fee will apply. To avoid this fee, have the rack shipped to your local lumber supply.


  • Every truck’s dimensions are different do to different makes/models/bed liners.
  • Since RyderRacks are welded and do not bolt together, measurements should be accurate.
  • Every RyderRack has six simple measurements needed before it can be made.
    • Front Width – The front inside dimension of the bed rails.
    • Back Width – The back inside dimension of the bed rails
    • Length – The outside distance of the pads (front to back)
    • Height – The distance from top of the bed rail to the bottom of the rack. (Generally 1.5″ or 2″ above the the cab.)
    • Forward Length – The distance of cab overhang. (4ft – 5ft).


All RyderRacks are installed with no-drill clamping hardware with the option to through-bolt the rack to your truck’s bed rails for additional strength and security.


Please fill out the form below to submit your purchase details.

You will then be sent a final invoice within one business day. RyderRacks generally take 2-4 weeks to build and ship, arriving on a pallet fully assembled and ready to install.