Truck Ladder Racks

Aluminum Truck Ladder Rack
All-welded aluminum Truck Ladder Racks by High Speed Welding feature strength and durability without the weight of a steel truck rack. Our aluminum racks are fabricated with aircraft grade, polished anodized aluminum tube. Every joint is hand welded to eliminate shaking, wobbling and other vibrations. Our Custom Ladder Racks are available with many features including extra bars, window guards, side panels for decals, ratchet straps and much more. Please view our truck ladder racks here.

High Speed Welding fabricates custom ladder racks for every make, model and year vehicle. We specialize in Chevy/GMC racks, Ford racks, Toyota racks, and Dodge racks. Your vehicle and company’s logo will be sure to get noticed with our top-of-the-line truck rack. The utility of your truck will be maximized with its increased hauling capabilities. Get your custom Truck Ladder Rack today and see the difference in quality.

Our featured ladder rack is the High Speed Welding Ryder Rack. The Ryder Rack features an aerodynamic design and custom look. This is our top selling ladder rack. They can be customized to fit any pickup truck, service body, van, trailer or other application. With a weight capacity of 1500 lbs it is without a doubt the strongest aluminum truck rack on the market. Read More